Tracy Kepple is a California-educated teacher who taught grades 1-12 before becoming the Quincy Jr./Sr. High School librarian in 2011. It was my pleasure to meet with Tracy and visit the library to learn about the library’s needs and Tracy’s vision. I was impressed by her enthusiasm and creative ideas for “catching the eye and interests of students”, as she put it. She works hard to ensure that the library is filled with well-presented, relevant books and displays, which she has witnessed make a difference in enticing student interest. She also leads the student book club. The library still uses the wooden tables and chairs we had back in 1972. They were well made! But now there are also several couches and bean-bag chairs where students can relax and read. It is a lovely and welcoming space.

Tracy is passionate about providing equitable opportunities to students, such as access to computers and software that they may not have at home. This aligns with her interest in the development of a makerspace within the library. Powerful computers are the foundation of a makerspace. Most families lack the financial resources to have these items at home. This is why such spaces are rapidly becoming integral components of school libraries at all levels of education. And the students at the school are enthusiastic about it as well. Tracy showed me the large room behind the front desk of the library where the dream of a makerspace is evolving.

Please join me and the Class of 1972 in supporting the Quincy Jr./Sr. High School Library Project! Contribute to replacement of classic books, to the purchase of computers for the makerspace, or to BOTH! I thank you in advance for your amazing support. No donation is too small or large. We are the village, let's all have a hand in making this happen for Quincy Jr./Sr. High School!


Deb Hopkins
Quincy High School Class of 1972