Replace a Classic Book - Goal Met! Thank you!

Goal: Replace 35 classic books by October 1, 2022

There is nothing like a new book! Sadly, many of the Quincy Jr./Sr. High Shool Library's classic books are falling apart and beyond repair. Our goal is to replace them with fresh, appealing new books to entice young readers back to the classics and to ensure that the library has these books for years to come.


In the 1730's when Ben Franklin founded the first library in America, books were rare and expensive. His idea was to make books accessible to all people, not just the wealthy. Today, what is rare and expensive for libraries is the equipment that they need to put together a makerspace.

Makerspaces are quickly becoming an integral part of education and learning at all grade levels. These spaces offer technology and tools that inspire students to collaborate, imagine, create, and learn through hands-on personalized experiences.

The Quincy Jr./Sr. High School Makerspace will give students access to computer programs that facilitate classroom presentations in ALL curriculum areas and will put up-to-date tools in the hands of young students to allow them to complete the pathway from idea to design to end-product. The makerspace will help narrow the gap between the "haves" and "have-nots".

The Quincy Jr./Sr. High School Library Makerspace already has a good start, but they need our help to bring it to fruition. Thanks to the efforts of a 2021 QHS Senior, Peter Biren, the Library has 7 3-D printers!!! This exceptional young man made it his Senior Project to procure grant money and purchase the printers. His love for science and technology merged with his desire to give back to his community, and he succeeded. Peter’s dream was that an elective class would be formed that enables students to learn to use the printers. The computers we are raising funds for will be used to write programs to run the 3-D printers, producing multimedia presentations, and much more.

What the space presently has:

7 3-D printers, A rolling tool cabinet with tools and art supplies, paper cutter, printer, three large tables, stools, and chairs.

What is needed:

Level 1 goal: (est. $5000) one 24" iMac computer with extra memory and disk space, and Adobe programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Rush, Audition. Goal Met! Thank you!

Level 2 goal: (est. $5000) an additional 24-inch iMac computer. Let's Do It!!!

Level 3 goal (long range and may involve subsequent Golden Grad classes): green screen, audio and film equipment to help with drama and music recording.

Finally, it is our hope that the completion of the makerspace will be enticing to future teachers and will coincide with the hiring of a qualified makerspace instructor / mentor, which might just be the most important element of the makerspace. Build it and they will come!